Project Overview

VET professions offer rich opportunities for individuals interested in green technologies, green entrepreneurship, green social business and related environmentally-conscious industries. These professions and career paths play a key role in the pursuit of a healthier environment and green growth in European economies. The Green VET Choices project sees its central objective in developing a way to combine green VET with the fight against climate change by increasing the attractiveness and awareness of environmentally-friendly VET career options and fostering required green & digital skills and competences.

Aims & Objectives

The Green VET Choices project wants to raise awareness for urgent environmental challenges and, at the same time, foster interest in green VET careers.


  • Environment and fight against climate change as the central theme of the project, permeating all project activities as a guiding thread.
  • Increasing attractiveness of VET by showing promising, meaningful and future-oriented possibilities to current and future
    VET learners.
  • Contributing to innovation in vocational education and training by introducing new and exciting learning and teaching
    approaches through the projects’ Virtual Portal and Digital Model, which are all available online as OER.



CO&SO is a consortium located in Florence which includes 24 cooperatives working in the social, educational and cultural field. CO&SO has 42 permanent employees who provide services to the associated. The main services are: administration, monitoring the calls and as a consequence submitting projects most on public procurement aimed at providing services in the different social fields, offering European opportunities in order to promote innovation in the cooperatives in terms of improving employees’ competences and services, quality certification, communication. CO&SO is also a Training Agency accredited by Tuscany Regional Authority to develop training both funded or on demand and more than half of its training services (both face-to-face, online and blended) is provided to disadvantaged target groups.

CO&SO operates in various areas of interest:

  •   Housing
  •   Culture and Tourism
  •   Education
  •   Training
  •   Social inclusion
  •   Job insertion
  •   Health and care
  •   Green

In CO&SO there is also a dedicated department just working on European projects planning and management with very skilled staff who has more than 20 years of experience in the field.

Furthermore, since 2021 CO&SO, in accordance with the European Green Policy, has started planning new green oriented activities by participating, as Coordinator or partner, in EU projects aimed at supporting the environment through the improvement of the Green skills of the VET Institutes and VET Teachers, promoting digital marketing in Small and Medium Enterprises; developing the Circular Economy based on the recycling of waste.

Other GREEN activities involve the associated cooperatives of CO&SO. In particular, it refers to the COLTIBIO Consortium, an organic agricultural reality, which through the concept of “social agriculture” develops an activity supported by the local community that produces and at the same time pursues the common good through sustainable practices from an economic and environmental point of view. COLTIBIO wants to experiment a new way of doing agriculture, with new processes with low environmental impact and new forms of knowledge transfer, such as the exchange of experiences between generations.

Auxilium pro Regionibus Europae in Rebus Culturalibus
Auxilium is a non-profit research and development association located in Graz, Austria, with its aim to improve cultural and education exchange between organisations and institutions in Europe. Since 2004, Auxilium has been participating in many co-operation and exchange projects and strategic partnerships in the fields of education, culture, health and social sciences to support the main aims of the association. On this basis, Auxilium has gathered vast experience and built up broad expertise in the planning and implementation of transnational European co-operation projects in different funding programmes, mainly being responsible for pedagogical content development as well as for quality management with the projects.
The Rural Hub CLG
The Rural Hub was set up as an association by a group of education, training, and rural development professionals as a response to the impact of the economic crisis on small rural villages and towns in Ireland. Since it was first established in 2012, The Rural Hub has been providing a wide range of training and capacity development programmes to local residents and community groups. We specialise in the area of community development, social inclusion and lifelong learning and have developed a number of local initiatives to support the inclusion of disadvantaged groups including rural youth, migrant communities, and isolated older residents. We work with these groups, using creative approaches and the testing of digital media resources to support greater social cohesion among local communities in County Cavan. We have a developed network of county-wide stakeholders who support our work on a thematic basis. Through our community-based office, we deliver informal adult and youth education programmes through our Social Mornings and Educational Afternoons programmes; and through our ‘youth into digital media’ programmes we run in our Digital Media Zone (DMZ) in Virginia, Cavan.
CARDET (Center for the Advancement of Research & Development in Educational Technology) is an independent, non-profit, non-governmental, research and development organization based in Cyprus, with partners around the world. CARDET is one of the leading institutions in the Euro-Mediterranean region for research and development. Our team strives to offer the highest quality services to benefit society. The organization collaborates with local and international organizations, public and private bodies, and across diverse disciplines in designing solutions for local and global challenges in Asia, Europe, and the USA. The CARDET team has successfully completed more than 200 projects in more than 40 countries, reaching out to more than a million people. Several of our projects were supported by the European Commission, The Commonwealth of Learning, the United Nations Development Program, USAID, EuropeAid, Microsoft, Google, and governments around the world.
Reattiva – Regione Europa Attiva

Based both in Campobasso (Molise) and Florence (Tuscany), Reattiva is a non-profit organisation founded in 2011, working at local, national and EU level, with the main purpose of providing formal, non-formal and informal education and training to young and adult individuals.

Reattiva’s specific objectives are:

  • Improve the accessibility, quality and efficiency of education and training of different targets;
  • Support youth and adults in various local, regional, national and international initiatives;
  • Support the social integration and realization of each individual, especially those who are endangered by social exclusion;
  • Promote and contribute to education, lifelong learning, e-learning and the usage of new technologies in education, training and entrepreneurship;
  • Provide support in breaking the barriers for people from difficult personal backgrounds by widening the access to education and self-realization in life and work.

Reattiva has also a longstanding experience in EU projects and relevant competences in managing EU projects in the frame of ERASMUS+, LLP, EYE, ESF, EEA, YFEJ, EaSI,  EAfA and INTERREG, both as a promoter and partner, always connected to formal, non-formal and informal education and training, employability and social inclusion.

In the frame of EU programmes, Reattiva promotes, in particular, the learning mobility as a land of acquisition of key competences and skills needed from young people and adults to access employability and social inclusion and from staff (teachers, educators, trainers, tutors, youth workers) to succeed in their daily work with different target groups.

Between 2011 and 2021 Reattiva managed 92 mobility projects, involving about 10.500 learners (20% of whom disadvantaged, with fewer opportunities, disabled or with special needs) and about 650 participants among staff.

On the hosting viewpoint, between 2011 and 2021, more than 4000 learners and 500 participants among staff coming from different EU countries have been hosted from Reattiva in Campobasso and Florence.

ISIS Leonardo da Vinci

The Technical and Vocational Institute “ISIS Leonardo da Vinci” of Florence was founded by the Municipality of Florence in 1900 to train good technicians for the firms of the town.  For a century our school has been representing for its didactic-structural characteristics the point of reference for the economic and productive structure of the following fields: Mechanics, Building, Electronics, Electrotechnics, Telecommunications, Chemistry, Computer Science, for all our Region.

The ISIS Da Vinci community consists of about 2000 students (800 of them attending technical courses and 1200 of them attending professional courses), and more than 300 teachers.

The school has two fields of training for students from 14 to 19 years: the Technical Institute and the Vocational Institute. The fields of study at the Technical Institute Leonardo da Vinci are: Computer Science, Electronics and Electrotechnics, Chemistry, Buildings, Mechanics and Mechatronics. Some specializations of the Vocational Institute such as Graphics, Dental mechanics offer the only opportunity to form specific competencies in these sectors. Some classes are also engaged in different European Projects.

The School is a Training Agency certified ISO9001-2015 by TUV.


Since 2004 eFuturo Academy is a Portuguese Certified Organization that provides vocational and professional training with a special focus on young and adult skills development in the fields of Hospitality and Tourism, Cruise ships, Sales Assistance, HealthCare Assistance, Digital Marketing, Language teaching, ICT, Human Resources and Entrepreneurship.

We have 3500 students/professionals in the whole national territory placed in the labour market, several of them abroad by Erasmus Projects.eFuturo Academy works to promote and provide professional training and personal development opportunities for adults and young people, especially those who need a new change to be employed or to upgrade their employability levels. We work with migrants, people with disabilities and people with low literacy who need training to be integrated into the labour market


Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia – Institute for Business Education is one of the educations and training providers with the longest tradition in Slovenia. The focus on educational needs in the labor market has led CPU to become one of the largest providers of adult education in Slovenia. The mission of CPU (Institute for business education) is to supply business with high-quality, modern and applicable knowledge enriched with national and international experiences and good business practice examples according to the ‘’practice to practice’’ principle. The CPU strives to provide useful knowledge and be a link between the labor market and education.

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